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1. What is Stealth Account? Which place is best to buy stealth account
Stealth account are nothing but the second eBay account. It is an addition used by ebay sellers to improve their sales. More importantly ebay stealth account are created under the individuals' identities of different persons.
And we buystealthaccounts is the best place to buy stealth account for your eBay sales. You can get here aged ebay sellers account at best price.
2. Why do ebay sellers use to purchase additional ebay stealth account?
Every seller in the ebay marketplace fed up with the issues of having low selling limits, this in case affects their sales effectively, in order to boost up their trade the ebay sellers search to buy ebay account from the stealth account sellers, which instance these stealth account, are readily available accounts with good selling limits. Additionally if one of your ebay account goes down then your second ebay account/ ebay stealth account protects you from the lock on sale
3. What Is meant by “linked” accounts?
Each eBay account for sale you registered with gets automatically linked with the PayPal account, yes because the PayPal is the payment provider of eBay, in this case the information you use to register in eBay gets automatically synced with the PayPal. Accidentally if your eBay account for sale is subjected under the eBay suspension then your PayPal account also get suffered with this and locks all your transactions and sales. This main reason urges each seller to buy stealth account for their trade.
4. Stealth account are legal or not?
Never to worry, the stealth account declared already as legal. eBay platform itself allowed you to open an eBay account for business in another name – in the official term of eBay’s DBA (“Doing Business As”). Also you can start to do business in your fake name.
5. What are the different types of stealth account for sale?
Here we distinguish the stealth account in four different packages and allow the sellers to choose any one. The sellers used to choose ebay account for sale based on the monthly selling limits. The four different buy stealth account packages are buy ebay account, old US ebay account, old UK ebay account, old paypal account. Each ebay stealth account have the selling limits from higher to lower range. If you want to buy ebay account in low budget then you can choose the basic packages from buy ebay account 1 to 4. And if you want to choose elite US there we have options of old ebay account, old US ebay account, old paypal account and old UK ebay account.
6. Do You Provide a Paypal account with the eBay packages?
Of Course we provide paypal account with each of our old ebay stealth account packages. With our paypal account provided the seller can enjoy the 21 days paypal free hold.
7. Can you provide ebay accounts worldwide?
Absolutely we provide a stealth account worldwide. Each of our ebay account for sale packages come with VPN (IP address) which makes you do business worldwide.
8. Shall we buy more than one stealth account if limits are not enough?
Yes, you can buy stealth account in many numbers. For example, if you buy stealth account with 100/$5000 limits and feel the selling limits are not enough there you can additionally purchase 300 items/$15,000 from us, this will
increase your selling limits monthly
9. What are the ebay limits that i struck over? if I buy a Basic ebay account, will I be stuck with those limits forever?
Usually eBay takes 90 days to increase your selling limits. eBay will decide and increase your selling limits based on your buyers' feedback, in between these 90 days if you prove yourself doing good and trustworthy. Sometimes limits can happen randomly before that 90 day mark if you’re lucky and/or you sell as close to your limits as possible with low risk items.
10. How to protect my ebay account again from suspension?
Buystealthaccounts offer you a special free guide for every seller which holds the information of how to do proper sales, and keep your ebay account safe from ebay suspension/restriction/hold. If you properly follow the steps, you will ensure that your ebay stealth account is safe. Mainly each stealth account we offer comes with lifetime guarantee support. In the middle of your sales if ebay asked you for some documents, like invoices, supplier info etc. Never to worry we here to provide you with a few hours. No extra cost will charge for this. we will not guarantee in the case if your account is suspended due to selling of fake items or ebay prohibited items.
11. What can i do if my ebay account gets suspended?
Don't panic, kindly do approach us and here we are ready to support you. We find the reasons for your suspensions. And we take suspension as our fault in case you strictly follow the instructions as we mentioned in the guide. As an additional support we also try to contact eBay behalf of you to restore the account. Also if all our attempts fail then we will get you one new account that is completely free of charge. Kindly note these above steps will occur only if the account was suspended mistakenly. Also make additional notes, we provide these support only if your account was purchased in between 180 days and we will not support the account that is purchased more than 180 days
12. What are the payment methods you accept?
We accept the payment methods only via the cryptocurrencies, they are Bitcoin, Bitcoins cash, Litecoin, Ethereum
13. When will I receive my new stealth account once after the payment?
Usually you will receive the ebay stealth account orders in 1 hour to 24 hours
14. What will I get along with the ebay account?
You can buy ebay account 24/7 from us. Each of our stealth account have the benefits of
  • 21 day paypal free hold
  • Virtual credit card
  • Virtual bank account
  • Virtual private network (VPN)
  • Documents ( Passport, License, Bank statement )
  • Email information
  • Phone number
  • Complete guide


15. Do any of your stealth account come with feedback?
Of course all of our stealth account packages of old US ebay account, old ebay account, old UK ebay account, old paypal account come with feedback. And it clearly stated here that we do not provide feedback for basic eBay account packages.
16.What is meant by old eBay account?
old ebay account is nothing but the stealth account or the second ebay account which was created more than one year back. Old ebay account in other terms is called an aged ebay account.The difference between the newly opened ebay account and the old ebay account is the old ebay account have high selling limits and high ebay feedback scores than the newly opened ebay account
17. What else is the main reason to buy old eBay account from you?
If the eBay seller has low count in eBay selling limits, feedback, star ratings, Watchlist then that ebay seller seek to buy old ebay account from us. We provide them aged ebay account packages which secure them from eBay suspension
18. Do your ebay accounts have 21 day holds for incoming payments?
It is based on the packages you choose from. If you purchase a basic package then you will have a 21 days hold and if you purchase an aged ebay account package there won't be a 21 day hold.
19. How can I withdraw funds?
Yup you can withdraw your money from PayPal to Virtual Bank Account ( Included in the Package), and then from Virtual Bank Account to your Local Bank, Orelse you can attach your card into the PayPal account to withdraw the funds, Orelse you can transfer your money from this PayPal to another PayPal also.
20. Do you have 24/7 customer support?
Definitely!! We offer our customers to buy ebay account for 24/. You can buy your old ebay account packages just by fulfilling the contact form and for urgent details you can reach us at whatsapp +1 480 637 7566