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Why Ebay Sellers Searching For Verified Paypal Account

Paypal Account

PayPal is one of the largest internet payment company in the world 

Paypal operates as a payment processor for online vendors, online auction site for the commercial users and use to charge fee for its service 

Online shoppers and businesses use the PayPal service to make transactions easier and safer.

The main advantage of using PayPal was the user can expedite their online purchases, and also hides sensitive financial information from merchants.

It provides an added layer of security to online shopping. Small businesses and large corporations also like to  incorporate PayPal payments into their online checkout process.

In this blog we going to discuss how verified paypal US/UK business and personal account help eBay sellers in their trade

eBay Use PayPal As Payment Provider

Even Though there are multiple payment provider system available in the marketplace, since eBay choose PayPal as preferred method of payment

Paypal account is divided into business account and personal account 

eBay sellers and eBay buyers use both these two kinds of account for transaction and the most popular account types are verified US paypal Business/personal account and Verified UK paypal Business/Personal account.

Lets look around deeply.

 To use a PayPal account, both the eBay sellers and the eBay buyers must have to sign up for a PayPal account. 

This process is fulfilled by linking a bank account or a credit card, after the linking you can easily use a PayPal account. 

Benefits Of Paypal Account

Carrying out the online transactions via paypal account is simple and friendly.

The best benefit in the  PayPal account is its ability to accept and pay through credit cards and debit cards.

PayPal uses encryption to keep your account information secure.

It also offers fraud prevention, which seeks to recognize and block fraudulent charges, as well as purchase protection, which reimburses customers whose purchase never arrives in the mail.

And PayPal becomes the only way to pay and also provides better merchant services too.

Payments Of Paypal Account

Transaction done via business account or personal account- completely free.

Transaction carried through credit and debit cards is- nominal 3.9 percent.

Paypal is integrated with the online auction powerhouse, where eBay sellers and buyers can make purchases and bids  safely

Drawbacks Of Using Paypal Account

Paypal frustrate the users with its verification system, since it takes huge time for the eBay account to get verified

Paypal subjected under the terms and conditions where if user failed to cover their account subjected to Paypal suspension/restriction

How Paypal Suspension/Restriction Occurs

Each second there are millions of eBay transactions that take place via the Paypal account.

To monitor its user activities under its network paypal enforced an algorithm which watches all the users 24/7.

If it finds any of the eBay seller accounts receives multiple negative feedback and lower selling rates then it immediately freezes that ebay seller account and impacts the Paypal Suspension to them.

I such case to reinstate the paypal account the eBay seller has supposed to provide additional information to paypal

If paypal terms and conditions are satisfied with the provided datas ther the seller account gets unlocked and if it is not then the paypal account completely undergoes paypal suspension/restriction/freezes.

What Will Occur Permanent Suspension

After the  paypal suspended the account, the seller is not able to process any payments through PayPal.

As you know well the payment is the only gateway for the eBay system, which in turn does not let you make money in your eBay business.

And it suddenly stops all the sales to that eBay sellers 

Paypal Stealth Accounts

Paypal stealth account are the second account of the paypal which helps the eBay sellers to get back suspended paypal account

The information used to create each paypal stealth account  are not linked with the original identity of different users credit card or bank account.

Verified paypal stealth account are created  under different names, different IP addresses, and different browsers.and all these stealth account are verified by Virtual bank account and Virtual Visa card.

With the help of a stealth account the users can do sales without any paypal suspension/restriction.

Verified paypal business account and verified paypal personal account helps to increase the selling limits of the ebay sellers that take place via paypal transaction

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