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Why eBay Sellers Need Promotion Outside From eBay

eBay is an online platform used for doing online shopping and transactions and reached millions of online buyers in its eBay marketplace.

In a short span of time eBay got huge popularity among the public, the reason behind its better quality of service and low cost when compared with all other online marketing platforms. 

There are multiple options available to promote your eBay store, but the problem is we can’t say that all the options will work out finely.

In this blog we are going to discuss,about the strategies to promote eBay products, outside of eBay.


Promoted Listings


Promoted listings is an advertising service platform

It publicly displays the most wanted categories of more buyers in which they frequently search and shop on eBay

This service increases your item’s visibility and the likelihood of a sale.

It works similar to Google's Adwords and works in the same manner  in promoting its products listings to the top of eBay search results.

promoted listing ads appear on multiple screens like desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Promoted listings ad contains the information that automatically retrieved from your listing, including your primary photo, listing title, price, and format. 

It automatically updates the listings if any changes that it makes to your listing .

Promoted listings are currently available to all active eBay Stores subscribers on eBay US, UK, Germany, and Australia.

Incase if your conversion rate is low then promoted listings are not a good idea to generate  your sales 

Promoted listings are suitable only to the listings which have decent conversion rate


Promotion Manager

Promotions Manager is a platform that offers the eBay sellers to create compelling offers to incentivize buyers.

It makes the buyers buy your products more in quantity and amount. 

Promotion manager in simple terms helps to increase average transaction value as well as average cart size.

Promotions Manager offers four broad categories:


Order Discounts:

These promotions make the buyers spend more in your store or buy more products from your store. 


Shipping Discounts:

Here you can play with shipping offers to entice the buyer.


Codeless Coupons:

This promotion creates coupons with unique URLs.


Sales Events:

You can set up sales events in conjunction with your other promotions to display a sales event message to your customers


Accessory Discounts:

Accessory discounts are a great way to cross-promote related products. An accessory discount allows you to offer your customer a percentage or specific amount off of products that go well with another item they're interested in.


Promotion Boxes

Promotions boxes are the platform which helps the eBay sellers to promote your  eBay product listings and the eBay store.

When you create a promotion boxes, you need to give it a unique name. This name will only resemble as an identity for buyers but also this helps you to keep track of your promotion boxes information.

You can flexibly customize your eBay shop themes.


Promotion Boxes Types

  1. A) Advertising Specific Items: 

Users can display one or more shopping  items that are newly listed or ending soon.

Here you have options to choose on the items, either it is by  manually or allow eBay to feature items automatically.

Display items  types are:

Gallery view: One listing link that appears with an item title and picture

 List view: Two listing links that appear as item titles

 Countdown: Animated countdown to create excitement for auction-style and fixed price listings

Slideshow: Pictures of several items that rotate continuously


  1. B) Provide Links to Other Parts of Your Store: 

Create a promotion box with links that give buyers alternative ways of finding items in your Shop. 

Custom links can point to a Shop category, a custom page within your Shop, another on-eBay Web page, or a page of custom search results.

You can also include clickable graphics or pictures that provide access to these other pages.

 Choose from pre designed graphics or provide your own. Graphics that do not fit the standard dimensions in a location will be resized to fit.


  1. C) Design a Custom Promotion Box:

Create a fully customization promotion box to display information of your choice, such as shipping and payment information, links to your email newsletter sign-up page, or other useful information.

By entering your own HTML, you can also create a unique promotion box


Include Package Inserts

 Create an exclusive flyer or business card to your eBay store. It is a best way to attract eBay new customers and eBay returning customers to your Store

eBay explicitly allows you to include a link to your Store in buyer communications, and you may be able to coax back some return customers this way.

Additionally you can also include handwritten note like“Thanks” by adding your signature and this activities show your customers that you’re a real person and not a bot


Optimize Your eBay Store For Search Engines

 Optimise your eBay store with both on page SEO and OFF Page SEO. This will increase your visitor counts into your eBay store.

Selecting the right key words and inserting in your listings name and description will boost your traffic and revenue.


Promote In Social Medias

Nowadays the most powerful tool in promoting business brands is via social media.

It helps the eBay users to reach millions of customers with single tap in the mobile screen

The Popular Social media marketing platforms are

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and the Tumblr


Email Marketing

Next method is eBay sales promotion is email marketing

Use eBay's email marketing tools to reach out to buyers who have already subscribed to your eBay store. 

Send them newsletters once your new added the products in your listings or launch special offers and discounts.

Update at least one newsletter per every week, and already in the market the scripts are available for newsletter, just make use of it and provide your subscribers more interesting and entertaining in words of your newsletters.


 Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing offers you to reach more audience from all kinds of network

Properly select your listings zone influencer marketer and ask them to promote your listings in their own crowded network


Maintain Reports On Your Store traffic 

Analyse your Store traffic frequently and prepare the reports according to it, this method of analyzation helps you to plan for future improvements that you need to implement in the growth of your eBay store.

Hope this blog is useful for you to boost your sales on your eBay store.

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