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Why Do eBay Suspend Your eBay Selling Account Without Intimation?

eBay, is an online auction site which offers service to both the buyers and the sellers. 

eBay's platform available in many different countries. Any individual can easily open an eBay account for free. And sellers can buy ebay account for sale both nationally or internationally. Once they buy ebay account then it's well easy to kickstart the trade. Moreover, ebay is considered to be the best place to sell as well as buy products. 

eBay collected fees from sellers,  to get listed the sellers products in its platform and in term it is described as listing fees. In this seller fees vary, it  depends on the price you sell your products for, as well as how long you list them.

Day by day the sellers in its  platform are increasing which brings huge competition. In Spite of this, eBay launched an own search engine algorithm called “Cassini”  to protect its platform from scammers.

To put an act, it implements strict terms and conditions and also imposes strict orders to be followed by its users. If any one of the seller failed to follow the ebay rules, then the seller is subjected to put under ebay suspension/ restriction 

Here Buystealthaccounts, would like to share with you some important points that why do ebay suspends the seller accounts and how the ebay sellers should be protective to keep their ebay business account or the ebay personal account to be safe

Reasons for eBay Account Suspensions

Buy stealth account mentioned below the most common reasons why why do ebay suspends the seller accounts

High Defect Rate Products

eBay is a platform which is always favourable to the buyers.

In this case if any seller shipping out the defective products to its buyers then it brings unhappiness to the buyers where they make complaints about the seller to the ebay.

If this situation occurs then ebay makes a strict action against the seller and puts your ebay selling account into suspension. And this suspension suddenly stops out all your sales.

If you want to avoid suspension and keep up your reputation and sales volume high then it is necessary to keep your transaction defect rate in the lower limit.

Delay In Shipping Orders

Shipping time is the next factor concerned most by the buyers. Usually buyers give preference to the sellers who provide less in days shipping time. 

Despite, it's a must for the seller to keep up  with the mentioned time in the product listing and if the seller delayed to dispatch the products then it provoked the buyers' feelings and they started to complain against you to eBay.

If you want to avoid this then dispatch the products as soon as you receive the payment, Be sure that you will not exceed to dispatch more than a couple hours for shipping.

Delay In Processing Tracking Number

eBay used to validate the tracking number issued by the seller. The buyers too have the curiosity of knowing the status of their product shipment, and they want to track the item location while on its delivery time.

In case if you failed to update the tracking number on time then ebay tells the buyer you either have a poor workflow or you didn’t ship the product with a tracked service.

As being a seller it is a must need to provide the tracking number to your buyers.

Less Chance To Resolving Rate

As previously said eBay is always favourable to buyers and if it finds any buyers in its platform is unhappy with the seller listing then it immediately tracks that seller accounts and puts the account under suspension.

If you want to escape from such a situation then do necessary action against the issues/complaints/questions, and resolving cases in the Resolution Centre and try to reply back and resolve the customer queries as soon as.

Delay In Paying Listing Fees

If the ebay seller is delayed in paying listing fees there at instance the eBay seller's account will put under the suspension/restriction

Always pay the eBay fees on time and this makes you safe from ebay suspension/restriction.

Selling Low quality Products

Never try to sell the low quality product from your listing and this will bring negative impact about you in front of the buyers and must sell only the high quality products from your listings.

If you failed to ship low-quality or counterfeit products then ebay will impose strict restrictions on your listing and stop all your subsequent sales.

Never Use Multiple eBay Accounts

eBay search engines generally registered each seller credentials linked with paypal,  under one individual identity. 

And if any of the sellers try to open a new ebay account with one of the previously submitted credentials then it automatically detects by the search engine of ebay and makes the seller account under the suspension /restriction.

If you want to avoid this then do obey the terms and conditions as prescribed by eBay and never try to open multiple ebay account with your own identity.

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