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Why Do Dropshippers Need eBay Stealth Account

In this internet era budding entrepreneurs like to build their online shopping website in the dropshipping business model.


But achieving success in dropshipping business ventures is a little bit of a hard process. 


It seems to cross a huge competition in the dropshipping business and the sellers also struck with the selling limits via trading online


In this blog we are going to discuss dropshipping business and why the sellers need a stealth account to protect their businesses.



Dropshipping business model the dropshipper has no need to  store the products in stock. 


Here the dropshipping business takes place in between three people

  1. Dropshipper
  2. Dropshipping supplier
  3. Customers


The entrepreneur has to build a dropshipping website from the best dropshipping website building company 


And then the dropshipper has to find the right dropshipping supplier where the dropshipping supplier delivers the product to the customers 


 The role of the dropshipper is to upload the product in their dropshipping store and if the order is placed in the store then it automatically passes on the notification to the dropshipping supplier, where the supplier delivers the order to the customers.


Why Do Dropshippers Need eBay Stealth Account?


Dropshipper has to set up their online marketplace to place their store upfront 


In this amazon and eBay are the top most online selling platforms where most of the dropshippers also like to make their sale.


More particularly nowadays most of the dropshipper choose eBay platform to make their trade


In the eBay platform each of the dropshipper like to list their own unique requirements, product categories, listing fees, and audiences


But while listing many of the dropshippers, find their online selling accounts suspended. 


This make the dropshippers account banned from eBay where the dropshipper lost all of sudden the contacts and biddings 


Which it totally the sales of the dropshippers and do you why eBay banned the dropshippers account 


Yup! eBay banned dropshippers account because the dropshipper disobey its policies and try to open multiple accounts to make their product sales


This misbehaviour easily got the ebay has it own search algorithm 


These search algorithm robots watch each dropshipper account individually and suspend if any of the spamming activities are archived.


Dropshipping account, banned not only brings the risk to the income but also brings negative reputation to the  dropshipping  business sale 


And this situation makes it more stressful to the dropshippers.


eBay stealth account?

eBay Stealth account is nothing but the second eBay account/ aged ebay account


The main activity of the aged ebay account is it act as  a protection layer for the eBay sellers 


It protects the dropshipping sellers, ebay account from eBay suspension/restriction.


Dropshippers can do non stop sales from ebay suspension/ restriction , if they use the ebay stealth account in their trade 


The stealth account are created under different identities, and none of the aged ebay account are held under the same IP address.


On implementing the ebay stealth account in their dropshipping business the  dropshippers can do non stop sales and also escape themselves from dropshipping account ban. 


And also ebay stealth account provides you the high selling limits account where this lets you to do N amount of sales in your dropshipping business.


If you are in the dropshipping business then purchase today itself the  ebay stealth account and enjoy your dropshipping sales without stress from dropshipping account ban


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