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Which Is Best: Amazon or eBay?

When come to the ecommerce platform the most centre of attraction from the public goes to either Amazon or eBay

These two giants, attains the biggest gravity among the public 

Statistical report says, that each marketplace has its own unique advantages and that one should choose the option that suits his or her needs best.

And in matters both the shopping sites have great impact in online businesses, and also it helps them  to reach new leads and earn conversions.

Want to choose your ecommerce marketplace which is best either eBay and Amazon then read in this blog the difference and choose which is between cheap and quality service in the marketplace.

Amazon marketplace

Amazon, it was launched in 1995. 

Initially its business model used to  sell books and later it became the world’s largest eCommerce marketplace and offers more than 400 million products of all shapes and sizes.

Amazon is an online marketplace giant  directly competing with third party sellers and very often will use small sellers as pawns in a game of corporate chess.

And this marketplace focuses only on the conversions and does not aim to help sellers to earn on their conversions. 

And it mainly focuses on promoting sellers with products that people are most likely to buy.

This annoys the third-party seller because they have no factor of  guarantee to earn conversions. 

To  create a positive customer experience, you must have yo optimize your product listings and concentrate more on to earn reviews.

It has some unique features for both Buyers and sellers. For buyers, there is the Amazon Prime program. 

For purchasing via this amazon prime program the buyers use to charge for  a  yearly fee and  get free access, fast shipping.

And for the sellers, this program charges some dollars for a month to sell products on Amazon’s site, and it also adds seller fees. With this sellers can get access to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). 

The FBA program enables the sellers to sell out their products on Amazon’s site without holding the stress about packing and shipping.


eBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar in the year 1995, 

eBay was one of the first online marketplaces and it has remained a major player ever since. 

Though Amazon sees about three times the annual gross merchandise volume (GMV), eBay is still the second leading marketplace in the U.S.

Initially it focused on connecting buyers with online sellers of used or collectible items in auction-style listings.

It also has the option to buy products, but many people use this for the highest bidding system marketplace. 

eBay allows sellers to post products that are old, new, unique, or hard to find 

Any sellers without technical knowledge also can easily create their own eBay store. 

eBay stores have customization features which keeps your store to stand out from the competition.

It charges,insertion fee when you list on your products the fee charged on the pay per listing manner. 

eBay does not offer any special program to ship your products  but also allow Sellers to ship their products of their own.

 Similar to Amazon, ebay also charges seller fees once you make a sale.

Which Is Best Amazon or eBay  For Your Business?

Since it's ridiculous to choose for any seller which platform is best for your business. Here we gather the datas with some comparsion, let's start to look on one by one

Product Listing:

 Amazon: If you plan to sell the new products ,Amazon will be a better option. 

eBay:  eBay seems to best option for both the new and used products 


Seller Fees: 

Amazon:  Seller fee sits at 15 percent

eBay: Seller fee is near by 10 percent. 

Shipping, Packaging, Refunds:

Amazon: Handle shipping, packaging, returns, and refunds for your business.

eBay:  It requires you to ship, store, package, and distribute your products.

 Profit Basis: 

 Amazon: Less profit due to increased seller fees

eBay: profit more than amazon reason, less seller fee than amazon

As in the matter, all the sellers interested in the platform  which collects low seller fees and yields more profit, in this factor eBay wins the results, when compared with amazon..

Apart from our suggestion, choosing the platform depends on you, both these will generate good revenues to your business 

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