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Uplift Your Clothing Sales On eBay With Buy Stealth Accounts


Dresses being fascinating material in all the ones today and this increases more business people to invade in this business.

The growing online business model pays a great feast for these clothes businesses. 

And here the  amazon and ebay are two giants who hold a unique place in the  online auction marketplace. These two online marketplace induces many traditional clothing business people to enter in to the online clothing selling marketplace

In this blog we are going to discuss the ebay clothing marketplace and how to do clothing sales without the disturbances from eBay terms and conditions.

eBay Clothing Marketplace:

According to the report, many people used the ebay platform to do clothing sales. Opening an ebay account and listing the clothing for sales is very easy but the problem faced by the seller is its huge competition.

Statistics data states that eBay platform holds millions of clothing items for sale. 

If you want to rank top and emerge from the competition there you have to provide your customers with some outstanding service, describe items accurately and completely, and also have to follow all eBay policies.

What Are eBay Policies How It Restricts Sellers?

To run a profitable clothes selling business on ebay,  you have to do more research and find the materials which are trendy and classy.

As an eBay seller also you need to do research on materials of the clothing field which has high demand, short supply and of course a good profit margins.

Always remember to follow the ebay policies. (Ebay policies is nothing but the terms and conditions declared by eBay for its sellers)

Each country has different ebay policies, based on their countries terms and conditions the ebay sellers also have to follow the ebay policies while listing the items on ebay.

How To Rank Top Your eBay clothing listing

Usually eBay gives preference for the sellers who have high selling limits and it pushes only the top rated seller to rank top in the relevant product search.

eBay provides the rankings to its sellers based on the amount of feedback and star ratings of the particular seller achieved.

Inorder to achieve good ratings and the reviews try to respond the customer queries as soon as, and ask your customer to leave eBay positive feedback about you after the purchase.

More importantly maintain your listing free from the negative feedback , Since the negative feedback will damage your selling limits.

Apart from the selling limits ebay restrict it users not to do sales with multiple eBay  accounts

For example an ebay clothing seller has X account then the seller has to sell clothes from that particular X account if the seller try to open multiple accounts and do sales then the often considered as crime by the eBay terms and that X Account has undergone eBay suspension/ebay restriction.

Do you know how eBay finds the multiple accounts of one user? Yes ebay find one users additional account by its search algorithm called Cassini

In case if eBay detects one seller has multiple accounts then it will lock immediately all the  sales of that users and enforceably the seller suffer to  lost all their previous customer chats and biddings 


We Buy stealth accounts reside in the ebay stealth marketplace for more than five years. Our team work hard in the motto to support the ebay sellers and also keep them safe from ebay suspension and restriction

In Spite of this we offer our clients the old us ebay account and old uk ebay account packages

Aged US stealth account packages in portal is nothing but the aged US ebay account 

Our aged ebay account creates each US stealth account packages under different identity with this ebay cannot able to link the account of one users and this will not let search algorithm to suspend your US ebay account

In our portal we organise six different US ebay stealth account packages and we assure that all our stealth account packages are aged and have high selling limits @ with high positive feedbacks

As a clothing seller on ebay, we buy stealth account have a great option for you in the name of old us ebay account and old uk ebay account where both the accounts have the tendency to increase your selling limits which in turn bring more sales into your businesses.

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