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Upgrade Your Online Transaction With US paypal Business Account

In this techie world it’s an important part to take the business into online and the mobile payments.

This factor makes every running business shift into the online mode of the payments.

Paypal is the largest online payment transaction service processing all over the world. You can easily get in to paypal system by just opening  a paypal account

If you want to open the account for your own use then a paypal personal account is the best choice and if you want to accept the payments for goods and services in your business then paypal business account is the best choice.

In this blog we are going to discuss the benefits of a US paypal business account.

Paypal Business Account

According to the report, 70% of the US revenue comes from the online business transactions. And If you are residing in the US then a US paypal business account is the best option for you to accept online payment.

Most people in the US,  especially those shopping online, prefer to pay using PayPal.

Us paypal business account is not only used to pay and accept payments but also you can use it to your store or business office, through a mobile card reader, and by phone. 

You can also process payments on paypal made with major credit and debit cards and it will not charge any monthly fees, cancellation fee processing fees

You can accept credit card payments through PayPal even if you don't accept PayPal itself as a payment option for your customers. 

If you want to use the PayPal online payment, then  your  business website should have a checkout button for PayPal.

Titbits On How To Upgrade Your US PayPal business account 

To upgrade your US paypal business account there you have two options one is standard and the other is payments pro


This standard account is free to access. With the standard US paypal personal account you can accept all major credit card and debit card payments, accept PayPal payments, and allow customers to pay over time if they choose. 

And it will not charge any monthly fee on its customers

Payments Pro

This US paypal Business account pro account option charges monthly fee. PayPal Payments Pro includes all the features of a standard account but allows you to customize your customer’s checkout experience and to integrate with your established shopping cart.

Paypal Processing  Fees  On Business Transactions

For the US residents the online transactions, is 2.9% additionally it charge 30 cents flat fees, if the funds come from within the US 

Apart from other countries if the funds coming then paypal fee itself  goes up to 4.4%, additionally with flat fee it exceeds based on the currency type.

This influences most people all around the world to run the online transaction with the US paypal business account.

This not only reduces the transaction fee and flat fees but also brings a huge brand that your business is running from the world top most economy.

PayPal Credit for Your Customers

With a US paypal business account you offer to get a paypal credit for your customer service.

Where the paypal Credit offers for your customers, on nil interest if the transaction is paid in full within six months on purchases of $99+. 

This attracts more customers into your business and influences them to buy from you, rather than from a competitor that does not offer PayPal Credit.

Setting up a US PayPal business account enables you to take advantage of several features not available with a US PayPal personal account

There is no charge to set up a US PayPal business account but there are fees associated with many of the business account features.


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