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Strategies To Protect Your eBay Account For Sale

When compared to traditional selling, online selling is relatively very easy. Those who want to immediately launch an e-commerce website can look at online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etsy among many others and entry to this marketplace is relatively low.

In this blog we’re going to discuss the strategies on how to protect your eBay account for sale.

To open an eBay account for sale, all the users need to provide a valid email address, phone number, physical address, and other identifiable information. 

If in case any of the sellers made mistakes while accessing their sales then it put a entry to negative feedback on their accounts or eBay account restrictions or suspensions.

If you want to avoid the simple errors then do understand the metrics and performance rating work which can impact your sales.

How To Protect Your eBay Account For Sale

All your buyers are expected to solve their issues within a reasonable timeframe. So do give preference to it and try to resolve the issues as soon as you can.

Do ship the customer orders within the agreed-upon handling time and always make sure that your inventory is available with the products that are listed in your eBay sellers account for sale.

The most important criteria is to meet the expectations of your buyers.

Ship the items that you exactly described in your listing and this will ever disappoint your buyers.

Keep the shipping prices to be reasonable, and make sure that the shipping item is well packaged, and meet up with the listing promises. 

Offer your buyers with detailed listings, which should provide an in-depth description of the item along with pictures that provide the user with an exact idea of what they will be receiving. 

Never let the issues in these areas, which makes your account to be placed under the selling limits issues and account restrictions where both will end up causing lost sales.

eBay Transaction Defect Rate

eBay determines the sellers performance metrics based on the transaction defect rate. 

The transaction defect rate is represented by the percentage of transactions that a closed case has without a seller resolution or a cancellation that the seller initializes. 

To be in good standing, the eBay sellers account rate should be below two percent  and it should not exceed 2%

According to the recent report it is stated that top rated eBay seller status- transaction defect rate percentage should be below 0.5%.

eBay Shipment Rate

As said before, late Shipment rate is also a number that sellers have to maintain in control and the shipment rate should not go beyond 7%. 

eBay Customers Feedback Rate

Another important criteria is the buyer's feedback. If the eBay seller's account for sale receives excessively bad feedback this will impact the status of the sellers  account.

To overcome this defect rate the eBay sellers should keep their positive feedback above 98 percent.

In nature even the best businesses face the order cancellation issues or will obtain negative feedback from a customer. 

This will occur even if you manage everything right. The reason because the ordered products may end up being damaged in the preparation process, or an unreasonable customer with impossible expectations can make a transaction difficult. 

To overcome such scenarios, you should be able to handle this kind of situation properly.

Furthermore, you should enquire your customer after each transaction completion  where the order is reached successfully and  ask them about their satisfaction and also you can ask them to pen down reviews about you. 

These are the essential strategies which have great power to minimise the negative impacts to your sellers account. 

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