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Start To Sell On eBay Internationally

eBay globally reached more than 200 markets and retain itself second position in the online selling marketplace


If you are an eBay seller then it's your time to extend your business on eBay internationally and there is plenty of opportunity for businesses to capitalise on the international eBay marketplace to reach.


Do you know exactly how to do your overseas sales and what are the best practices for your international growth on eBay


Then read our blog we provide you  the three options for eBay sellers to successfully grow your international sales in eBay market 


And below comes best tips to increase your global success on eBay.


How To Start Selling On eBay Internationally


Before starting to sell  internationally on eBay, the eBay seller has  to familiarize  with applicable laws in the perspective countries in which the sellers wants to sell the products


Also the seller has to prove that 

  • eBay account is in good standing
  • eBay account has verified active  PayPal account
  • As eBay seller you must have to earn atleast minimum of 10 feedback points 
  • Has to Prove that the first sale was made over 90 days ago
  • Once finished all the required things to then the seller has to completely read and sign the International Selling Agreement


Three options for selling on eBay internationally 


eBay keep all of its user IDs universal, any seller can list items for sale in the 23 sites of eBay ( by using them as home site )


Ebay charges no additional membership fees to sell on all those multiple sites.


The three options of eBay selling internationally are 

  • Basic international selling
  • Advanced international selling
  • eBay global shipping programme



Things To Do While Listing The Items


As an eBay seller, you have to do more research on selling the products internationally before starting to export your products.


Proper research helps you to avoid many problems when exporting products internationally. 


And be assured that each of your listing products  undergo applicable law in both of your home country, as well as in the buyer’s country.


All items sold must comply with applicable export and import laws. 


In other words, any products that you are planning on selling on eBay should be cleared to be shipped outside of your country. 


Some of the  products might require a special license, or they might be banned from export. 


In the same way, products that you sell should not encounter any issues when being imported into your buyer’s country, so it is important to check on restrictions.  


eBay allows its Sellers to decide on which  countries they would like to ship to, and sellers can also select  the buyer requirements in order to exclude buyers from the nations that they don’t want to ship anything to.


Use The eBay Tools Which Supports International Growth


Use needed eBay tools to determine the ebay business success in your international eBay sites, 


These tools support you to achieve your goals.


Tips to increase your global success on eBay


Maintain your international eBay business


Once you get the hang of using eBay to sell your products around the world, you can sustain an international online business that will give you the opportunity to earn a passive, or perhaps even a full-time, income.




Increase Your eBay’s international site visibility 


If you want to increase the visibility there you can purchase and upgrade your international site visibility from the  global eBay sites.


The upgrading maximizes the visibility chance  double the times of your items in the search results


Remember there is a separate upgrade fee for each country that you choose.



international returns policy


If you want to  grow your eBay marketplace business globally, then include the option of international returns policy in your listings 


This will improve your buyer's user friendly experience and these policies have a tendency to attract more buyers, build trust into your eBay business and boost your overall sales. 


Though it is more cost-effective to offer free returns for items bought by international customers, it still be worth to build the trust of the customers on your listing


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