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Read Here The Tips To Start A Business eBay Account

Are you looking to create a business ebay account? Before you start to create the business ebay account, first of all you need to analyze what product you are going to sell and  which kind of payment method you are going to use, customer services, ebay policies and shipping methods. 

After doing the complete analysis on the above data you can start to create an ebay account for sale.

While you read the eBay seller policies, you can get a clear idea about how to keep your eBay account safe from ebay suspension/restrictions. 

Here buystealthaccounts would like to share some ideas on how to start an ebay business account and how to increase your sales without ebay suspension/restriction.

Step 1: Select your ebay account method

To open the ebay business account first click on to the home page of eBay website.

Here you can open two ebay accounts, one is business ebay account and the other is personal ebay  account 

If you are going to sell your casual product then start your account with ebay personal account and if you are going to do a large amount of businesses then choose ebay business account.If you want to secure your business ebay account then open your ebay account for sale under the terms and conditions as prescribed by eBay

If you want to escape from the ebay policies from the starting onwards then buy ebay account from the best sellers in the marketplace

Step 2: Register your accounts

To open a business ebay account for sale you have to produce an authorized business name, email address, mobile number, and passwords.

eBay registered your username, authorized business address and other details and linked all those information with paypal.

 Step 3: Set a preference for your account

Here you have to login to your ebay account to set all your preferences. 

To set your preferences, just get into the “Account setting” tab in which you can  update shipping information, buyer requirements, communication preferences, and addresses associated with your account.

With this you can update your payment method and choose them in between PayPal, direct debit, or credit card. 

Payment method is where you pay for your selling fees. Based on your seller invoice, here you are going to be charged automatically.

Step 4: Add Your Inventories

In this step, upto wish or interest, you can add on the products. Also you have freedom to set on your own descriptions with attractive images uploaded.

You can start here by clicking the “sell” link in the upper right-hand corner of your account page. 

In your eBay business account you can add your inventories in two methods:

Two methods of Inventories are :

A quick listing form 

An advanced listing form. 

Quick Listing Form

This listing is a tool which is used to add products to your ebay store. While adding keywords to each product. 

An Advanced Listing Form

This tool used to add more information into your added products.

With this tool you can add the product title, product categories, photos, item description, selling details, and shipping information, among other criteria. 

eBay determines the seller fees based on the data it retrieves from the quick listing and advanced listing methods.Therefore, it’s important to put a close attention while entering on the information

The most important factors which are used to determine your selling limits are (auction vs. fixed-price), payment information (PayPal, eBay Managed Payments, offline credit card payments, or pay upon pickup), return information, and shipping details (flat-rate vs. calculated).

Why Do eBay Sellers Search To Buy Verified eBay Account

Ebay separately has a search engine algorithm called cassini which carefully monitors the ebay seller activities. Based on the ebay sellers activities it fixes each seller's selling limits.

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