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How To Overcome The Struggles To Open Second UK eBay Account

Let's start to discuss here the struggles faced by the UK ebay sellers while opening the second UK ebay account

Procedure To Open UK eBay Account

To OPen UK ebay account for sale, just sign up with the link 


Instead of signup and entering the details, you can directly get sign up with your gmail account, apple account, facebook id

If you open the Uk ebay account registration link there you ask to  enter details such as name, email address and the password. After filling all the details just click on the register button.

Notice that now you are logged into your dashboard.

Most commonly used account in the UK are one is the buy UK business ebay account and the other is the buy UK personal ebay account. Based on your requirements you can open any one of the accounts.

To make a casual sale on your items you can choose to buy UK personal eBay account for sale

To make sales of your items in large quantities, orelse if you have items that you've made or bought to resell, then register it with a UK business eBay account for sale.

If you want to open a UK business ebay account then, select on Create a business account button on the registration page.

There you have to fill on some additional details, like your business name, type, and address.

you can also change your opened ebay Personal Account Into UK ebay Business Account

If you've already have an account registered with a UK personal ebay account but would like to upgrade to an UK business ebay account, Then do follow the below steps

Go to My eBay and select Account, then Personal information.

Select Edit next to Account type. You may be asked to sign in again.

On the Change Account Type page, select Business Account and then Confirm. 

On the following page, enter your business information such as name, contact information, VAT number and returns policy, then select Save.

Please be aware that once you've upgraded your personal account to a business account, it won't be possible to revert back to a personal account.

Second eBay Account- UK ebay account for sale

eBay itself allows the user to open a second UK eBay account, but the seller here has to follow up some instructions initiated by eBay. 

To open your second UK eBay account the user has to use different email addresses and usernames for each additional UK ebay account for sale.

And also the user has to sign out from the currently using UK ebay  account.

Next the user has to follow up the registration page steps out.

Don't use the same email address/ mobile number/ bank account for the activity related of same listings 

If you did so then eBay considered your UK ebay account as spam and it suddenly hold/restriction/suspension your account 

 Paint Points On Opening Second UK ebay account

In this manner the seller has suppose to lost all their previous  bidding and the transactions history

Also the seller has to wait for 60 days time to move an email address from one UK eBay account to another, in this mid days the UK ebay account seller is not supposed to do trade.

This waiting time and the ebay suspension makes every seller search to buy UK ebay account from the top rated stealth account sellers.

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In the matter of fact we realize the hard times of sellers for waiting time and sudden account disappearance.

In order to resolve the pain points faced by the UK ebay account sellers we launched a solution of Old US ebay account.

Our old us package account for sale packages comes in four different packages. as per your requirement the UK ebay seller can choose their package

Our experts offer you to buy a cheap old UK ebay account which in nature has the power to reinstate your blocked account from suspension and also makes it sale immediately.

We sell you both the UK personal ebay account for sale and a UK business ebay account for sale which makes you immediately launch your Second UK ebay account with bulk listings.

All our aged UK ebay account are created under the identities of different individuals , which keep your buy UK ebay account for sale from multiple UK ebay account policies.

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