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How To Open, Upgrade, Downgrade Your PayPal Business account

PayPal is the largest online payment service provider platform suggested by many people all over the world

Opening up the  paypal business account helps the online eBay sellers to manage and scale up their online transactions for purchasing goods and services easily.

In a short span of time it became popular because of its option to account opening and transaction processing easier.

You can do transactions with all types of  credit card payments, debit card payments, and more in over 25 currencies and from over 200 countries.

PayPal business account also helps business owners manage and scale their companies.

In this blog we are going to discuss how to open a paypal business account and how to upgrade and downgrade your paypal business account.

Types Of PayPal Business Accounts

  • PayPal Payments Standard

  • If you are dealing with the  ideal business, then a PayPal standards business account is the best option for you.  Usually with this account base PayPal does not charge any monthly maintenance fee from the account holders.

    With the payments standard account the PayPal accepts the payment only with the  above mentioned methods of payments and it will not accept the payments method done via phone, fax, or virtual terminal. 

  • PayPal Payments Pro

  • This payments pro is well suited for the people who deals in business with eCommerce platforms

    Apart from the mentioned payments this pro feature additionally accepts payments carried via the phone, fax, or virtual terminal.

    With the paypal payments pro feature, the business owners enable complete access control over their checkout pages.


    If you are in the business then open an individual account for both the personal and the business paypal account

    Opening individual accounts becomes easy for you to track on the payments and business expenses, complete your taxes, and also gauge your business’s rate of growth.

    How To Open A Paypal Business Account

    Just get signed up for a PayPal business account in the below stated simple steps.

    Step 1:  First step you to fix your Business name. Don't change your business name after registering and opening the business account because this  is going to be entered in all your customer invoices later.

    Step 2:  Next you will ask to describe about  business type, in this you have to choose the business category from the  drop down list

    Individual/sole proprietorship



    Nonprofit organization

    Government entity

    Step3: Third stage you will ask about some other additional questions. The questions focused on  your business type, such as product or service keywords, monthly sales, website, and employer identification number. 

    Step4: Fourth step, in this you are asked to  provide your  customer service contact information.

    Note: Costs charged to both the personal / standard / business account are similar. All they don't have monthly fees but have only identical transaction fees.

    How To Upgrade Your PayPal business account 

    To upgrade your paypal business account, you have two options


    This account is free, accepts all major credit card and debit card payments, accepts PayPal payments, and allows customers to pay over time if they choose. There is no monthly fee.

    2. Payments Pro

    This account has a monthly fee of $30. PayPal Payments Pro includes all the features of a standard account but allows you to customize your customer’s checkout experience and to integrate with your established shopping cart.

    How To  Downgrade Your PayPal business account

    If you wish to convert your PayPal business account to a personal account, then you have to contact your PayPal customer service representative directly. 

    Based on the service people instruction you have to change your PayPal business account to a paypal personal account.

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