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How To Make A Profitable Selling On eBay

If you want to start a quick business with a little investment, then the best option for you is selling on eBay. There seems many advantages, if you start your business on eBay platform, it is like fast to start an auction and can get orders within a week 

eBay allows you to start for free if you sell items you already own. All other expenses come to you after you have made the sale and get paid for it.

To enjoy more advantages, first you have to study the business like doing proper  research, then plan it, implement it and evaluate it.

Lets discuss on the profitable selling tips on eBay account for sale

Do know more about eBay platform

If you are not familiar on ebay then never do test drive on its platform, 

Instead get to familiar with its system, and this will help you determine the success in your eBay account for sales

Sign up for free eBay account

Open the free ebay business account by using the sign-up option. 

You can also use the regular eBay registration to make practice of yourself 

Start To Buy Something

To get a familiar feel in the ebay platform, is to just start on selling and do transactions as a buyer first. 

You can analyse the customer interest by testing yourself first.

To do this just pay attention to the listings that attract you, such as the photo, headline, and price. Many are run as auctions, where you need to bid by indicating a price you’re willing to pay. 

You can set a max price, and eBay will submit your bids by increments for you until you hit the max price. 

Some sales are fixed prices, where buyers can “Buy Now.” These don’t require bidding and the item can be bought right away as opposed to waiting until the auction ends.

Initially Sell Only Few Items

Initially started to sell on eBay with only a few items. 

This will give you the knowledge about how the eBay platform works, how to access the timing offers and begin to develop a system of listing, packaging, and shipping.

Start by finding things around your home that you don't want and listing them. 

Upload quality / high definition photos and write a keyword inserted detailed descriptions to your ebay account for sale. 

Set an opening bid price to entice bidders.

Decide if you’ll offer a guarantee and the ability for the buyer to return the item if he’s not happy.

Outline your shipping policy, such as how it will be shipped, who pays and how much it will cost. eBay offers a shipping calculator to help with this.

Check out other listings of a similar product to see how other sellers set up their listings.

Send an invoice to the winning buyer through the eBay interface. 

Some buyers are willing to pay you, before you invoice. 

If not, you can send an invoice from within your eBay account. Once payment is made, pack up the item and ship it asap. 

Ask Your Customer To Write Feedback

Feedback is an important factor, which determines the ebay feedback score status. 

If your buyer tries to pay quickly and takes a strain and writes positive feedback through eBay’s feedback system. 

In the same manner don't forget to ask your buyer to give you feedback once they receive the item. 

Make sure that your item was delivered as described and arrives quickly to ensure good feedback from your buyer.

After you’ve made a few sales, you should be able to decide if you’d like to build a full-fledged eBay business.

Pick A Niche. 

Find a new source of inventory and focus on the specific product or type of product. 

It’s always best to focus on items that you’re knowledgeable about.

Set Up Your Business 

If you plan to make regular, steady income from eBay then you need to set up an official home business.

It includes getting a business name, obtaining a license required by your city or county, and developing a business plan. 

Run your eBay business like a business. 

Along with a steady stream of quality products, you need to provide great customer service, pack items well and ship them quickly, manage your inventory, and keep track of your business finances. 

Open an eBay Store

Now it's your time to make advantage of eBay’s store option. 

If you have an eBay store, there you have many advantages over the regular eBay sellers, it includes things like  a custom online store, increased free listings, lower final value fees, marketing tools and more. 

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