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How To Grow Your Small Business On eBay

Hi all, welcome to buystealthaccounts  first blog in 2021.  

Building an online presence for the small e-commerce businesses is a tittle bit hard task for the budding entrepreneurs.

But if they used to practice business goals then it would be easy for them to make control over their branding and income. 

But this process takes prolonged  time, and to overcome this issue the established marketplaces like eBay are worth considering to start over the small online businesses, as you know well that eBay platform is already accessed with millions of potential customers and a useful extra revenue stream.

And in reality,  selling on established marketplaces like eBay is a great way to generate sales.

Here in this blog we are going to discuss on how to open seller account and what are the pros and cons of selling  in eBay platform and how we buystealthaccounts help the sellers to  grow your small businesses on ebay without the ebay suspension

How To Open A Seller Account For Your Small Business

At the top of the registration page on eBay and select the business account option. 

With this option, you are allowed to choose your company name and branding across all communications with buyers and can also have advantages in terms of fees and tax on sales.

Also if you have a private eBay account, there you can also change this into the business account via My eBay. Click on Account / Personal Information to do this.

You’ll need to add details including eaby business name, VAT number if you have one, and contact details. You’ll also need to provide bank account details to pay seller fees by direct debit and receive sales income.

eBay will not charge any fees to create an account but eBay will invoice every month for seller fees.

From this point, you’re ready to list your eBay products/service items and start your selling.

Pros and Cons On Selling eBay

Pros of eBay 

  1. Access to over 180m potential customers

If you want to potentially reach a huge amount of audience within your  eBay store then you have to set up your merchant account, more exclusively. 

If you perfect in choosing your niche and placing the right product in your eBay estore then it will provide an excellent income stream.

  1. Branding of your Listing

eBay offers numerous opportunities to increase your branding awareness. 

From creating an eBay store and adding your company logo, to printed materials like thank you cards and packaging, you can start to build your brand on eBay. 

With the promoted listing tool in eBay you can easily promote your own web presence as well as use eBay to build your own customer base. 

  1. Seller and buyer protections

Ebay strictly follows terms and conditions, to protect both its  buyers and sellers.

eBay also has fraud monitoring systems and processes to protect sellers from fraudulent buyers or ‘bad buyer behaviour’. 

  1. Feedback features

eBay feedback score allows the customers to find out the best sellers from the crowded marketplace.

Also the ebay feedback helps  to build a strong reputation through the service they offer, and further improve trust with potential shoppers. 

  1. New customer acquisition

Customers acquired via eBay can be converted into regular customers through your preferred channels. 

Great customer service and fulfilment can help here, as well as smart branding.

  1. Ease of use

Product listing on eBay is very simple, and especially if you can use EAN numbers. 

You also have many number of seller tools to make listing multiple products easier.

  1. Global reach

While you are listing on eBay, there you can sell your listed products anywhere all around  the world. 

eBay provides a unique feature called Global Shipping Programme which allows sellers to send items worldwide via a UK shipping centre.

  1. Well established user design & experience

User design and the user experience both are the key factors  to build customer trust and also this trust influences people to make a purchase from you. 

On eBay, this work is established in a well suited manner. And the users are also more familiar with eBay, and this way product search and the payment process works leading to a smoother transaction for shoppers.


  1. Seller fees can eat into margins

In highly commoditized, low-margin categories, the numbers may just not add up. 

In this you have to consider up your margins and fix on the listing prices whether it can make a profit through eBay.

  1. Low prices

eBay is often considered as a platform for the bargain hunters, and if a customer finds the same product at a lower price elsewhere on the site then they use it to start bargains with the sellers too.

  1. Time

While selling on eBay is relatively simple, the time taken for Listing items, packing and sending orders out, or answering questions from buyers all take plenty of time from you.

so it’s wise to consider whether the effort generates a worthwhile return on investment.

  1. Lack of customer loyalty

eBay feedback score: If the customer places the review and star rating, the seller gains the ebay feedback score and if the customer fails to post review there the ebay seller is not able to increase the ebay feedback score.

Many customers will not leave feedback about the sellers which in case make the sellers tough to gain new customer loyalty via the ebay feedback score.

  1. Ebay account suspended 

As discussed above ebay platform follows strict terms and conditions and also it periodically changes its conditions based on the current ebay sellers scenario.

More often eBay used to mail the new terms and conditions as a newsletter to each of the sellers, but every seller did not spare time to check on the rules and do follow it properly, which in result brings their ebay account to suspended.

If the suspension occurs then it suddenly stops all the previous records of sellers and also it block the chat communication too.

How  Buystealthaccounts Grow The Small Online Businesses

As stated above points, it is known clearly that every seller suffered in eBay with the ebay feedback score and the ebay suspension issues. We erode these issues and helps the budding sellers to boost their sales on eBay 

Taking this issue in the hands our team buy stealth accounts available in the ebay marketplace for more than 4 years of age and creates the ebay accounts with feedback.

You can instantly buy ebay account with feedback from where each of our old ebay account packages holds more than 1000 of feedback.

If you want to buy old ebay account for sale up to 10000 feedback then at present we have a special deal for you.

 Our experts create each aged ebay package of aged us eBay account and the aged Uk ebay account under the identities of a new person which does not detect as fraudulent accounts by the ebay algorithm and in turn this will protect your eBay account from suspension/restriction issues. .

Also we allow our customers to buy US ebay account and Buy UK ebay account in individual packages or in bulk packages.

Each of the stealth account issued from the buy stealth account hold 21 days of free paypal hold/suspension, 

All the ebay account packages offer your businesses to start with the  bulk listings. Each of our stealth account, old us ebay account , old uk ebay account packages includes the feedback for transactions that is written within the last 12 months, which brings easy for you to instantly increase the ebay feedback scores.

Each old ebay account for sale packages that we launched in the buy stealth account website is completely free from the neutral feedback and negative feedback. 

If you are in search to increase your ebay feedback score, then do connect with us at whatsapp +1 480 637 7566 or visit us at https://buystealthaccounts.com or mail us at  support@buystealthaccounts.com