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How To Get Verified PayPal Account

In this blog we are going to discuss about how to verify the paypal account and why it's needed and how buy stealth account best in providing verified paypal account

Intially Start your PayPal account with the registration procedure. 

To use the paypal account you need to own a bank account, with little money in that. 

After completing the registration procedure in the service, you are automatically an unverified user. Unconfirmed profiles are strictly monitored. 

Paypal Security personnel have the right to block the profile at any time at the slightest suspicion of conducting a questionable operation.

In this regard, of course, your payment will not pass, and you may incur material losses. If you pass the verification procedure, this risk is minimised. Of course, if you commit illegal transactions, you will still be blocked.

To overcome this  you can verify your account at any time after the registration 

Also you can easily verify your account and get the money reimbursed in to your account

How To Get Verify your paypal account

To get a Verified paypal account you need to have a bank account that allows you to make purchases over the internet and that has about 2 USD. 

To verify your profile, follow the below steps: 

Visit the official PayPal website

Log in to your profile

Add a new bank card or confirm one; Link the card to your profile

Enter all card details and click Save.

At this step you noticed that your account will be charged 1.95 dollars. 

Noted the paypal account verification procedure is free, and  after the process is complete, the amount will be refunded. 

To complete the verification step successfully, it is necessary to find out information on the last money withdrawn from your card. 

To do this you have to check your internet banking online service or application. 

In that just look on transaction history, to find the recent transaction amounting to $1.95. 

From the internet banking app, you will receive message in 4-digit code

Enter that code in your profile when you confirm the card.

Be careful while entering the code, if in case you entered a wrong code for three times, there you may notice that  your card will be blocked

In case if your card is blocked  then just have a technical guidance from buystealthaccount - the top aged ebay account and aged paypal account sellers in eBay marketplace

Benefits of Verified PayPal Account:

You can send and withdraw amounts beyond your account's initial limits.

You'll have more payment options

Buyers and sellers have greater confidence to do business with you because your verified status provides stronger account security.

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