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How to Choose the Right Category for Your eBay Listing

eBay is one of the popular online auction sites running its sales both nationally and internationally. This platform is opt for both buyers and sellers.

When you're going to use eBay for the selling purpose then your seller account is associated with the fees structure of listing fees, upgrade fee, PayPal fee etc.,  The costs vary on the price you sell your products for, as well as how long you list them.

If you want to rank your eBay products in the top page of eBay search results then you have to do fine research on your niche products and do know on how to charge the reasonable price for all your goods

If you want to fix on the reasonable price, then do competitor analysis for your products and see what other eBay sellers are pricing for that similar products.

After choosing the products to sell over, then you  have to choose on the main category, to display your products in the eBay listings.

Choosing the exact category will make you achieve the highest price for your item and it's been the right strategy while displaying your eBay listings. 

If anyone wants to buy bulk things from eBay then the buyer just starts to input the keywords into the eBay search box and look for their item.

In this manner if you place your item in the right category then it automatically gets dragged your products into the above said buyer search history.

But finding the right place for seller items has always been daunting. Here you need to apply some marketing techniques when deciding where to place your auctions.

If you list the item in two or multiple categories, then you have to pay for all of that. This will  bring a tragic experience in your sales?

If you want to avoid such circumstances then do follow on the below techniques for finding the right category to your items

Do research and find on the datas that how other eBay sellers  have successfully sold those items which are listed similar to yours and look at the prices of the items sold for, you can perform a completed item search from the More Search Options page.

Insert keywords to your product titles, description, images it will help your product category to rank top in the ebay search results.

In the eBay Search box, type your item keywords, select the box to search Completed, and then indicate to have your results sorted by highest prices first. 

After you have your results, select the completed listings with the highest priced bids. 

Just have a look at the top of the auction page, there you easily find on the listed category. 

You may find that your item is listed successfully in more than one category.

Do check on the active listings and analyse the reasons on why lots of people are selling your item?    

If you notice that your listed item falls to the third or the fourth page of the eBay search results  then do some of the creative things to your listed item where the ideas are worth enough to bring your ebay products to the top of eBay search.

Last but not least make use of the subcategories to catch in-the-know buyers, Where most bidders scan for the specific items in your subcategories. 

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