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How To Achieve Top Rated eBay Sellers Account

Top Rated eBay Sellers Account

eBay sellers can achieve the top rated seller status only if they complete the activation period of 90 days and mainly have to follow up with the eBay guidelines. 

Another criterias to achieve the top rated eBay sellers account status is that the seller has to do 100 or more transactions and $1,000 in sales during the last 12 months with US buyers

If the sellers failed to follow the eBay guidelines then eBay input the below standard performance to that eBay sellers account.

What Are The Reasons That Makes Your eBay Seller Ratings To Fall Below The Standard?

In general the eBay sellers rating goes below the standard if the seller does not maintain the prescribed transaction defect rate, eBay feedback score and customer complaints.

For example the eBay measurement aspect says that, the sellers ratings will below the standard level only when the

  • seller's transaction defect rate is above 2%
  • Cases closed without seller resolution is above 0.3%
  • Have a positive Feedback rating of at least 98%.

The above percentage influences the eBay algorithm to put limitations on your selling value or restrictions to your eBay account for sale, and also eBay will send a crystal clear eMail to your inbox.

How To Achieve Top Rated eBay Sellers Account 

To get the top rated ebay sellers status just practice on the below stated criterias, which will automatically increase your power seller standard on eBay

Have a polite communication with your buyers throughout the entire course of the transaction.

Upload high definition images  and .input the keyword embedded content to your listing descriptions.

Always ensure that you fulfil the orders within the time promised ( Try to fulfil orders within 1 day when possible) To help ship items out quickly, you can use the International Shipping Program.

Enter Shipping Details on all of your orders. 

With the International Shipping Program the shipping details are automatically updated when you print the shipping documents.

eBay would love to give preference for the sellers who do input the Return Policy in the listings. 

Benefits Of Top Rated eBay Sellers Account

If you want to maintain your Top rated ebay sellers account status, there you have to offer same or 1-business-day handling time and 30-day or longer free returns.

These qualities make you remain in the top rated eBay sellers status and keep your listing prominently in search results.

Additionally you will get 10% discount on your standard final value fees

For managed payments sellers:

The discount will be applied to your final value fee.

FInal value fee is calculated on the basis of the total amount of the sale and it includes both the shipping and tax. 

The discount does not apply to the $0.30 per order portion of the final value fee

For non-managed payments sellers:

The discount is applied to the portion of the final value fee and it is calculated on the basis of the item price only.

The discount will not include the shipping costs or tax and it does not apply to any additional final value fees applied to sales in categories where you're rated as "very high" in your service metrics for "item not as described" returns.

Also have a note here the 10% final value fee discount is only available to sellers resident in the country in which they're Top Rated.

If the item location is in the same country as the eBay site you listed on, you need to offer 30-day free domestic returns

If the item location isn't in the same country as the eBay site you listed on, you need to offer 30-day free international returns

In some product categories, we'll extend the discount benefit (but not the seal) even if you don't offer 30-day free returns.

How To get Top Rated eBay Seller Status Instantly

If you’re an excellent seller who provides the best customer service and fast shipping facilities there you will automatically become eligible to get the eBay top rated seller status. 

If your ebay account for sale is not mature enough to meet this criteria then definitely it will take time to get the top rated seller status.

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