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How eBay Suspend Its Sellers With The Identity Checking

eBay Sales

eBay is an online shopping platform which facilitates its Sellers to do thousands of trades and millions of transactions every day.

Ebay is simply an Online auction service used to buy and sell items. 

Payment is typically made electronically through PayPal and then the merchandise is shipped to the buyer.

In this blog we are going to discuss about the eBay identity tracing and how it suspend the eBay sellers

What is meant by ebay suspension/ ebay restriction?

Probably you heard the word eBay suspension/ restriction, when you are in the  eBay sales.

It is nothing but the eBay suspends the person to not open any new account

And here first understand why eBay suspend only the person and not the account

How Do eBay Identify You In person?

From eBay you got a message to fill all your personal information, at the time of opening your eBay account

And if the eBay seller try to open new account then its search algorithm connects that newly opened eBay account with your previous listed data and combine all the data under one roof 

The eBay tracing identities via 

Visible Informations 

The visible informations collect from the eBay sellers are their

Name & Address, Email & Phone, Bank Information, Credit Card and other public Records

Invisible Electronic Data

 It also track invisibly your electronic datas as follows IP Address, Regular Cookies, Flash Cookies, Spy Images in Emails, Other Hidden Data

And these visible and invisible datas combined together to form one single person identity


If any of the information matches, with the stored data, then it understands that the same person opened both accounts.


Once they see that the same person owns both accounts, they "Link" the two accounts.


If this new account is linked to a suspended account, it will also be suspended.

How buystealthaccount Helps The eBay Sellers From eBay Suspension

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It protects the eBay sellers free from eBay suspension and eBay restriction.

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