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How Does Buyer Feedback Influence / Affect Seller’s Account On eBay?

eBay Marketplace

eBay, is an online auction platform working since, 1995. 

The ebay determines the sellers score based on the performance metrics of their feedback and the 5 star ratings system

Here we are going to discuss how the seller’s - eBay account for sale,  affects or influences the buyer's feedback.

eBay Business Model


eBay marketplace has millions of users and this loads huge  competition among the sellers. 

In this case, eBay wants to give equal selling chances to all its sellers to buy ebay account. With this,  it restricts each seller to do only certain selling limits per day from their account.

And thereby sellers are not allowed to cross over their selling limits, and make a note here that every seller will not get equal selling limits. 

Yup! The selling limits of each seller vary depending on their feedback and the star ratings they achieved from the buyers.

High selling limits goes to the sellers account who were long run in the eBay platform and never missed the ebay terms to follow up.

Certainly, it decides the top sellers account on the basis of the positive feedback and the year of account establishment.

eBay account with  feedback 

an eBay account with feedback is nothing but the comments filled ebay account, these comments are received from the buyers, while seller- do sell the products/services.

eBay decides the performance metrics of the sellers based on the number of feedback in their eBay account for sale

eBay buyers have the option to leave either a positive, negative, or neutral feedback rating for every eBay transaction

Positive Feedback: If you receive eBay positive feedback then your rating will increased by 1

Negative Feedback: If you receive eBay negative feedback then your rating will decreased by 1

Neutral Feedback: If you receive eBay neutral feedback then no change your rating

Ebay decides the feedback percentage based on how many ebay account with positive feedback  & negatives feedback that is placed in the seller account placed.

But in general,  buyers hesitate to pen down the feedback for their purchased product, but this action will reflect the negative impact to the seller's value. 

And the sellers are also not able to force or plead any buyer to pen down the reviews, in such case the seller lost the ebay feedback score limits.

If you are a buyer, kindly note this, that your  written feedback will retain one seller's career on eBay.

So, ebay Buyers have to keep in mind before filling the ebay feedback, that occasionally with no one mistakes sometimes the eBay transactions  can get fouled up,  communication missing, shipping mix-ups, or misplaced packages can happen to anyone.

The ebay feedback rating follows the sellers everywhere they go at eBay, it also follows them, even if the buyer changes its user ID or email address.

As it sticks with the eBay seller account, after sign in it reflect all the ratings in  My eBay summary page

What Will Occur If The eBay Feedback Is Low

If the ebay sellers rating is too low there, the seller lost the chance of getting traction in the first page of eBay, the more low ratings sometimes push the seller products to the bottom list of the ebay, where the seller lost all the doors of selling.

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