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How Buystealthaccounts Helps In Improving The eBay Seller’s Feedback

Feedback replaces the hesitation of the buyers who like to make purchases online. 

Feedback system makes the strangers feel comfortable both buying and selling the items in the online marketplace.

eBay seller’s feedback acts as a platform to maintain the merchant’s reputation, but eBay sellers here face the issue of gathering multiple numbers of feedback from the public and this watered down the importance of feedback considerably. 


Notice on this issue we buystealthaccounts came with the buy us ebay account and buy uk ebay account services which helps the sellers to get instant accommodation of 1000 feedbacks into their selling account.

Let’s discuss more on how to improve the eBay sellers feedback and how to get instant 1000 more feedbacks from buystealthaccount.

Tips To Improve The Score Of eBay Seller Feedback 

Try to maintain or buy ebay positive feedback on you

 Neglect the negative feedback as much as  possible.

 If received negative feedback then immediately remove it.

How To Get More Positive Feedback On eBay?

As an eBay seller, you can get ebay positive feedback in two easy ways.

 First, things make your buyers happy with your uninterrupted service. 

  Second, Ask your buyers to actually leave you feedback

Tips To MAke Your Buyers Happy!!!

Produce  accurate and detailed listings to your buyers, this makes them easy to purchase on  the correct item and never leaves them with unpleasant surprises while they receive your products.

Always respond to buyers messages as soon as you get, including questions before and after sale, complaints and return requests.

Dispatch your items with, packaged properly, and assure it to reach the buyers in terms of fast and reliable shipping.

Have reasonable terms of sale, and mention the terms clear in about the returns and refunds.

Provide good value for money.

Even though we provide you all the valuable tips but since the buyers like to pamper you with a typical feedback rate of  20-30%.

Instead if you continuously ask the buyer to leave for the feedback and your buyers might think of annoying / harassment and this also forces the risk of turning a happy buyer into an unhappy one. 

However, if you ask for feedback carefully and sparingly it can improve your feedback rate without upsetting buyers.

Buystealthaccounts- Get 1000- 100000 Numbers Of Instant Positive eBay Feedback

We buy stealth accounts avail in the ebay marketplace for more than 4 years of age. Our team has hands-on experience on creating to buy ebay accounts with feedback.

Each ebay accounts with feedback holds more than 1000 of feedback.

If you want to buy ebay accounts for sale for more than 1000 feedback then do try with the packages of aged us eBay account and the aged Uk ebay account.

We have special deals on the packages to buy US ebay account and Buy UK ebay account.

Each of the stealth account we issued from the buy stealth account hold 21 days of free paypal hold/suspension, 

More in advantage you can buy cheap ebay accounts with feedback , cheap US ebay account with feedback and cheap UK ebay account with feedback from us and there you can start to do bulk listing on ebay with the thousands of ebay positive feedbacks .

Each of our ebay stealth account , old us ebay account , old uk ebay account packages includes only the feedback for transactions written within the last 12 months.

Each old ebay account for sale packages from the buy stealth accounts is completely free from the neutral feedback and negative feedback. Simple in terms each of our buy ebay account packages created to maintain well of your eBay seller’s feedback score 

For more details and to increase your ebay feedback score instantly then do connect with us at whatsapp +1 480 637 7566 or visit us at https://buystealthaccounts.com or mail us at support@buystealthaccounts.com