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How Buystealthaccounts Help eBay Sellers To Rank Top In Best Match Algorithm

eBay Best Match Algorithm

eBay best match is an algorithm that functions to bring the search results of the buyers in the default order. 

This algorithm is structured to bring the most relevant topics to the users search.  Depending on the search results the user can easily choose the best seller and make a purchase from them.

Working Principle Of eBay- Best Match Algorithm:

Best Match algorithm is designed under a set of protocols which are precisely used. to sort listings the search factors of users in different factors. 

These include:

It closely relates the search terms with the match listings 

It prefers the top search results based on popular item

It allocates the prices of the item

It bring in results based on the quality of your listing (description, photos, and so on)

It bring the listings in search results whose listing is completely filled

It gives preference for the listing terms who offers the service, such as your return policy and handling time

It used to track the record of the seller, based on the seller ebay account with feedback and selling limits, it prefer to position the seller items in the listings

How To Improve Your Best Match ranking:

Create complete and accurate listings

Ebay like to know completely about your item, the more details it knows the more search chances it provide to the sellers

Write Clear & Concise Titles:

  • Give your listing with a clear and concise title.

  • Make sure of grammar and  spelling in the content 

  • Try to write the content-> not exceeding more than 80 characters.

  • Add an accurate description, using product details from the eBay catalog wherever you can.

  • Use high-quality photos, taken from every angle, and show any flaws or scratches.eBay allows you to include up to 12 pictures for free.

  • If you have multiple items to display on your listing, then  you can group into a multi-quantity or multi-variation listing.

  • Pick the category that’s most relevant for your item.

  • Have a lot of inventory and want to minimize your insertion fees

  • Want your items to show up for buyers for more than 10 days

  • Include clearly on the shipping and handling costs details and mention it clearly on the accepted payment methods and the return policies

  • Clearly specify any international limits in your return policy or warranties

  • Add your item based on the datas such as make, model, size, color, and style. And you can use a different style format based on your listings model.

  • Types of selling format.

  • Auction-style format

    Fixed price format 

    Auction-style format

     You can also use auction-style format when you are not sure and have doubt in fixing the value of item orelse if you want to sell that item quickly.

    Fixed price format:

    Use the fixed price format when you exactly know on the value of your listing item or the price you want to get for it

    • Be aware on the delivery time and provide the product tracking facility to the buyers

    • Try to maintain the  positive selling history

    • Do follow the eBay terms and conditions.

    •  Read out all the eBay guidelines to provide your buyers a satisfied purchase experience.

    How Buystealthaccounts Rank Top Yourself In Best Match Shortly.

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