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How Buystealthaccount Packages Increases eBay Sellers Rating

eBay Marketplace

eBay, is the most popular online shopping platform for selling and buying of things.

This auction model launched in 1995. 

And it has Cassini the Search algorithm to monitor its eBay sellers functions

Cassini influence the eBay marketplace to determine the ebay sellers rating rating  

In this blog lets we discuss about what is eBay sellers rating, how it affect the eBay sellers performance and how our buystealthaccount help the eBay sellers to increase their eBay sellers rating

eBay Feedback System

eBay sellers rating is fixed on the core basis of the feedback that each sellers attained from the eBay account

According to the eBay marketplace mechanism it wants to offer equal selling chances to all the eBay sellers

But it fixes the top rated eBay sellers based on their performance i.e., how much feedback they acquired from the consumers.

In this phenomenon eBay prefers the top rated eBay sellers account who maintains the good feedbacks

Of course it conclude the top sellers account on the basis of the positive feedback 


eBay Feedback Mechanism:

Positive Feedback---> Increases ebay sellers rating by one 

Negative Feedback--> Decreases ebay sellers rating by one 

Neutral Feedback-----> No Change in the ebay sellers rating

And the feedback percentage is calculated on the basis of how many positives & negative feedback.

It is calculated by taking your total positive feedback received & dividing by your total feedback.

The feedback rating follows the sellers everywhere they go at eBay, it also follows them, even if the buyer changes its user ID or email address.

eBay sellers can see their ratings in  My eBay summary page

eBay feedback is the comments that obtained from the consumers for their purchased products, whether it is good, bad or neutral

On the overall performance of the comments data of the eBay sellers it determine the sellers rating


Why Ebay Giving preference For Its ebay Feedback System

eBay Feedback system comprised of two purposes:

  • It wants to praise the seller by its rating and be rewarded to boost their search performance.
  • Multiple positive comments enable the Potential buyers to find the good sellers 

In practice, Writing feedback for the purchased product is a little bit of a boring thing to the buyers.

But it magnify the buyers to freely shoot their opinion about the sellers

Submitted ebay comments act as protection and booster to increase the eBay sellers rating.

What Happens If Your Feedback Is Low

eBay will not choose the low feedback sellers products to show at the top of the search result.

eBay buyers will view the top rated sellers products at first and low level feedback at last

And this will make the buyers choose the product in the top list from the google search.

And there seems no sales done from the low rated eBay sellers account

Buystealthaccount-- The Way To Increase Your eBay Sellers Rating

If you are struggling with your low seller rating then contact us at buystealthaccount we have solution as - high limit stealth account for you

Yes our high limit stealth account are nothing but the aged ebay account and aged paypal account 

Each stealth account we provided in our portal have N numbered of  positive feedbacks in built in its system

By simply buying our stealth account and starting the sale with our account can easily help you to increase the number of sales in the eBay marketplace. 

Our verified aged stealth account packages helps you to increase your ebay sellers rating and also thrives mores sales in to your business 

And each of our stealth account is created under different identity this will  prevent your eBay sellers account from eBay suspension/ ebay restriction

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All types of stealth account we have such as business stealth account and personal stealth account.

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